Cultivation Model


This model was developed to better illustrate the connection between each developmental stage of education. Each petal represents a particular stage of lifetime learning.


Ready to LEARN

0 to 5 years: Supporting Family as Teachers

Providing full-range support for families during these essential years of prenatal through age five encourages a strong foundation for future success in life.

Learning to LEARN

5 to 12 years: A Commitment to Literacy

Parent and caregiver support gives children the confidence they need to navigate the world as they learn how to learn.

Learning to EXPLORE

12 to 18 years: Engaging Self Discovery that Extends Educational Pathways

Youth, with support from their families, educators and advocates, will engage in self-discovery and expand their pathways beyond high school.


18+ years: Creating a Culture of Postsecondary Success

Creating a culture of successful postsecondary pathways, experiences and outcomes that support workforce development.

Live to LEARN

Lifelong: Investing in Communities

Investing in communities through sharing of lifelong learning and experiences that encourage community leadership and civic engagement.